Forklift Rental In Ridgewood, New Jersey

A forklift also known as as a forklift truck is a vehicle with prolonged devices at the front for lifting and carrying heavy loads. The prolonged prongs are slid under heavy loads then raised for moving and stacking materials in warehouse or garbage into the garbage truck.

The purpose of a forklift in a Ridgewood, New Jersey is to perform various tasks such as lifting,moving and carrying different types of materials from one point to another. Forklifts are great in the sense that they make work easier and saves on cost.

Depending on the purpose of the forklift, You can opt to either purchase or rent the machine. In a Ridgewood, New Jersey, renting is a great way to add to your fleet if you are expecting an increase in your workflow or you are expecting more work out of your normal routine. So if you choose to rent we have you covered with the best machines.
A Ridgewood, New Jersey has several benefits of hiring a forklift from us;

  • Cost of renting from our company is much lower for short to medium term use.
  • The machine is availed to the City State for business at minimal credit.
  • There is no need for in house mechanics because we rent the forklift with a mechanic to operate it. Thus saving on costs.
  • You can choose the latest machine in the industry from the variety that we have in our company.

Rental costs of a forklift depends on type and capacity of the machine, rate of hiring out such a machine and the duration of time it will be in use. With clients, what they consider the most is cost. We consider that some of our clients are working on a tight budget we are always open for negotiations. Should Ridgewood, New Jersey choose to rent from our company, we pledge to offer competitive rates.

Partial Forklift Inventory
Electric - counter balance
4 wheeler pneumatic tyres, 2500kg capacity. Model 7FBH25 also avail in Europe (similar basic specs)
2500 kg (5,511.56 lb)
Forklift - Conventional (I.C.E.)
Single or dual pneumatic tyre, diesel
5000 kg (11,023.12 lb)
Agrilift 625
Forklift - All terrain - Telehandler
2500kg max capacity, 5750mm lift, 3340mm reach
1250 kg (2,755.78 lb)
Forklift - Side loading (I.C.E.)
Engine powered multi-directional forklift designed primarily for handling long loads in confined areas. Suit both inside and outside and narrow aisle applications.
Diesel or LPG
10000 kg (22,046.23 lb)
Forklift - Conventional (I.C.E.)
Petrol / gasoline
3000 kg (6,613.87 lb)
Forklift - Conventional (I.C.E.)
8000lb capacity.
Dual fuel gasoline/LPG
8000 lb (3,628.74 kg)
SF 80
Forklift - Side loading (I.C.E.)
8000 kg (17,636.98 lb)
Forklift - Conventional (I.C.E.)
LPG or Diesel powered, 2500kg capacity. Standard and triple-stage masts available. LPG standard model shown.
LP gas / natural gas
2500 kg (5,511.56 lb)
Electric - narrow aisle
Narrow Aisle Standup Straddle Truck, 2000kg capacity. 24/36V
2000 kg (4,409.25 lb)
CVS Ferrari
Ferrari TT2516 VA
Towing tractor (I.C.E.)
45,000kg fifth wheel capacity

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