Forklift Rental In Lancaster, New Hampshire

Do you need a forklift to lift heavy crates, building materials and other equipment but just can't afford to buy one now? Well you can rent one or as many as you need. Forklift rental for Lancaster, New Hampshire is available for all kinds of heavy lifting and material handling.

Why forklift rental instead of buying your own?

  • Cheaper to rent

The initial cost of buying a fork lift is not a small amount. It may cost you an arm and a leg to buy. It needs budgeting and you may not have that kind of cash at hand at the moment. Getting a rental for Lancaster, New Hampshire will get the job done at a fraction of the cost of buying.

  • Great for short term projects

If you are doing a one off project like constructing your own house or moving that old boat from your garage, it is more sensible to rent instead of buying and then re-selling it after the job is done. You can rent on short term hourly basis or long term monthly basis.

  • You don't need to worry about maintenance

Because of the nature of work these heavy duty lifting machinery are subjected to, they break down a lot. Repairing them is costly. Sometimes you need to buy certain spare parts that may not be locally available. When you rent one, you are free of all these problems because the rental company will take care of all these issues.

  • Continuity of project in the event of a break down

With a rental, if it breaks down or doesn't perform optimally, your project won't stall. All you need to do is call the rental company and they will replace it for you in real time. The job will therefore continue as planned.

Forklift rental for Lancaster, New Hampshire is definitely more beneficial and your lifting needs will be met instantly. Rent yours today!

Partial Forklift Inventory
Forklift - Conventional (I.C.E.)
2500 kg (5,511.56 lb)
Electric - counter balance
7-Series Electric Stand-Up Rider Truck
3000 lb (1,360.78 kg)
Forklift - Heavy lift
8,000kg capacity
8000 kg (17,636.98 lb)
Cat Lift Trucks
Forklift - Conventional (I.C.E.)
15,500lb Capacity Petrol/LPG
15500 lb (7,030.68 kg)
Forklift - Conventional (I.C.E.)
LP gas / natural gas
2000 kg (4,409.25 lb)
Cat Lift Trucks
Forklift - Conventional (I.C.E.)
6,000 lb Capacity, Diesel
6000 lb (2,721.55 kg)
Reach stacker - empty
10000 kg (22,046.23 lb)
Electric - narrow aisle
Two-side-commissioning- platform can suit 1 man or 2 man operation, working aisle width approx 2800mm.
6000 kg (13,227.74 lb)
Forklift - Conventional (I.C.E.)
Heavy duty, diesel, 4500kg capacity.
4500 kg (9,920.80 lb)
Crown Europe
Electric - stacker / pedestrian / walkie
Pedestrian Powered Stacker, 1,600kg capacity up to 2800mm. Various mast options avail. these specs for 3000mm lift, 150mm free lift
1600 kg (3,527.40 lb)

Forklift Rental Companies Near By
Company: Affordable Forklift Svc
Address: 1049 Whitefield Rd
City: Dalton
State: NH
Zip: 3598
Distance: 8mi
Company: Rent-A-Center
Address: 150 Main St
City: Littleton
State: NH
Zip: 3561
Distance: 16mi
Company: Abbott Rental Svc
Address: 4 Redington St
City: Littleton
State: NH
Zip: 3561
Distance: 16mi
Company: E & S Rental Sales & Svc Inc
Address: 29 Bridge St
City: Berlin
State: NH
Zip: 3570
Distance: 19mi
Company: Village Of Loon Vacation Rentl
Address: Route 112
City: Lincoln
State: NH
Zip: 3251
Distance: 27mi
Company: Mountain Wheels Scooter Rntls
Address: 117 Main St
City: Lincoln
State: NH
Zip: 3251
Distance: 27mi
Company: Pinkham Vacation Rentals
Address: Route 16
City: Glen
State: NH
Zip: 3838
Distance: 30mi
Company: Diesel Works LLC
Address: 787 E Conway Rd
City: Center Conway
State: NH
Zip: 3813
Distance: 34mi
Company: AEL Storage Trailer Rental
City: North Conway
State: NH
Zip: 3860
Distance: 38mi
Company: Coleman Rental & Supply
Address: 1388 Route 16
City: Albany
State: NH
Zip: 3818
Distance: 39mi

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