Forkift Rental In West Branch, Michigan

Several companies own forklifts.But they know this they are not some cheap piece of equipments to maintain.Apart from the cost of buying it,you are also going to maintain it,and when you happen to have unexpected breakdown,you are going to end up paying a lot of money.

And as your forklift gets older it tends,like any vehicle, to give problems, and you are going to be having endless expenses just maintaining it like replacing broken parts.

This is when you are going to start seeing the benefits of forklift rental West Branch,Michigan.With this,you are not going to have:

  • Monthly capital repayments
  • Service costs
  • Breakdown expenses
  • Insurance costs

In forklift rental West Branch,Michigan you are going to get two kinds of rentals,namely:

  • Short term (hourly)
  • long term (monthly)

When you need to utilize a forklift from time to time,the best option for you is forklift rental. And when you require a fleet of forklifts on some long term basis, again the right alternative is leasing.The main advantage of this is that you will need only to pay some fixed monthly fees.You woould not at any stage have any unexpected costs.

Why Choose Forklift West Branch,Michigan Rental?

Apart from our short term and long term rentals,you are going to receive the best rates forklifts by offering you competitive quotes.Furthermore,we have different kinds of forklifts, models, and brands that are best there in the market.

You can contact us today or fill our form which is going to take you only 30 seconds to receive several quotes for forklifts.This is going to save you both time and money.


Our forklift rental team at West Branch,Michigan has several years of experience in this industry. The kind of service you are going to get, and decisions which are made hinge on knowledgeable information.

Therefore, you can contact us today to have the best experience with our forklift West Branch,Michigan rental services.

Partial Forklift Inventory
C400/3, C400/4, C400/5 (356)
Forklift - Container handler - full
C400/3 - 3 containers high laden,
40 tonne (metric) (44.09 ton-imperial)
Forklift - Conventional (I.C.E.)
Tonero series, gasoline
Petrol / gasoline
1500 kg (3,306.93 lb)
MQ150 15000kg
Electric - side loading forklift
Glass transport system, 2-men-version, capacity 15000kg, handle glass lengths up to 6100mm, height 3360mm, thickness 40-400mm.
15000 kg (33,069.35 lb)
Electric - narrow aisle
Narrow aisle order picker, 1000kg capacity
1000 kg (2,204.62 lb)
Ergo ALL
Electric - stacker / pedestrian / walkie
Stand-in low lifter.Lift capacity 2000 and 3000 kg
2000 kg (4,409.25 lb)
Electric - counter balance
Counterbalanced truck, 3,500lb capacity, 30ft lift, 36V (3 wheel class- dual steer wheels).
3500 lb (1,587.57 kg)
Forklift - Conventional (I.C.E.)
LPG, 3.5t Capacity
LP gas / natural gas
3.5 tonne (metric) (3.86 ton-imperial)
GP-RG (Gasoline/LPG)
Forklift - Conventional (I.C.E.)
GP-RG series, 4000-5000lb capacities, these specs largest model and mast options
Dual fuel gasoline/LPG
5000 lb (2,267.96 kg)
Forklift - Conventional (I.C.E.)
Petrol/LPG Pneumatic tire, 3500kg capacity
3500 kg (7,716.18 lb)
Crown Europe
Electric - stacker / pedestrian / walkie
Pedestrian Powered Stacker, 1,600kg capacity up to 2800mm. Various mast options avail. these specs for 3000mm lift, 150mm free lift
1600 kg (3,527.40 lb)

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