Forklift Rental In Pittsfield, Massachusetts

Most industries require some heavy lifting. From construction to maritime operations to warehousing operations, the need to move heavy objects around is quite constant, so efficient and effective solutions have to be put into play.

One of the most efficient and effective answers to the problem of shifting things around is the forklift. Available in many different sizes and capacities, forklifts can handle everything from bulky cardboard boxes to construction materials and even huge shipping containers. Simply put, there's a forklift available for every different need.

Of course, like any other piece of industrial equipment, owning a lift truck is a major expense. These machines are quite pricey so the need to purchase one must be carefully considered and justified. It's also necessary to keep in mind that the cost of ownership goes far beyond just buying it. There are substantial maintenance costs as well that cannot be ignored.

While buying a used forklift may also be an option, it is for the most part, ill-advised because of the wear and tear that these machines experience. Buying a used machine might mean that you get a forklift that is more trouble than it's worth.

One possible option remains, however. You can opt to get a rental. Fortunately, forklift rental in Pittsfield, Massachusetts is quite viable and is a good compromise between buying new and buying used. In essence, forklift rental gives you all of the benefits of owning a lift truck without any of the associated disadvantages. Here are some benefits to forklift rental:

  • Get the latest trucks - Renting allows you to make use of the newest, most efficient models available.
  • Eliminate transport costs - You no longer have to transport your equipment from place to place.
  • Free up capital - Any funds allocated towards the purchase of a forklift can be freed up and be re-invested in non-depreciating assets.
  • Worry-free use - As rented forklifts are not your property, you are not liable for their upkeep. Additionally, if it breaks down, you don't have to wait for repairs as the leasing company can send a new one over.

Our company offers the widest possible selection of lift trucks at the most competitive prices in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. We take away the legwork and provide you with multiple quotes to ensure that you get only the best deal. Our company strives to give you lift truck solutions that fit your needs exactly, from specific makes and models and whatever lifting capacities you require.

Finding your perfect lift truck is easy. Simply head over to our website at _____________________, take half a minute to fill up our forms and sit back and relax while we do the work for you.

Partial Forklift Inventory
Forklift - Conventional (I.C.E.)
3000kg Capacity, Diesel, BX50 Series
3000 kg (6,613.87 lb)
DFG/TFG 420s
Forklift - Conventional (I.C.E.)
Diesel or LPG, 2000kg capacity lift truck
Diesel or LPG
2000 kg (4,409.25 lb)
Forklift - Container handler - full
52 tonne Full Container Handling Forklift . Also available as Heavy lift Forklift (I.C.E.)
52000 kg (114,640.40 lb)
SL42-1200 G/3
Forklift - Container handler - full
42,000kg capacity
42000 kg (92,594.17 lb)
EJE 225
Electric - pallet mover
Electric pedestrian pallet truck, 2500kg capacity
2500 kg (5,511.56 lb)
Forklift - Conventional (I.C.E.)
3000kg capacity, gasoline
Petrol / gasoline
3000 kg (6,613.87 lb)
Forklift - Conventional (I.C.E.)
LP gas / natural gas
3000 kg (6,613.87 lb)
CVS Ferrari
Ferrari TR 3516 V
Towing tractor (I.C.E.)
45,000kg fifth wheel capacity
Electric - stacker / pedestrian / walkie
Electric pedestrian operated stacker with support arm lift, 1400kg capacity
1400 kg (3,086.47 lb)
Electric - narrow aisle
high lift single reach truck.
4500 lb (2,041.17 kg)

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